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A small town in the district of Assam, Teok is located at a distance of 25 kms away from Jorhat. The National Highway 37 is one of the primary roads that goes through passes through Teok and connects it to the other places of Assam. Jorhat Airport is the nearest airport from Teok. This town is part of Teok (Vidhan Sabha constituency) and Jorhat (Lok Sabha Constituency). Teok is part of the six Assam Legislative Assembly seats and the primary language of the entire town is Assamese. The other language spoken here is Aiton. Located at 26.50°N 94.25°E, Teok Deo sees floods almost every year. The average rainfall every year is close to 2029 mm. Being located in Assam, it is a very green and lush area, which is also fertile.

Teok Tea Estate

History of Teok

The history of this town can be traced back to the history of the district of Jorhat. The British rule, contributed a great deal to the formation of this district. The great revolutionists Gomdhar Konwar, Piyali, and Jeuram all came up from this district and were very instrumental in establishing the police station in the year 1839. During the course of the great Sepoy Mutiny, the plot against the British was sabotaged and these great leaders were hanged in the district during the year 1858.

Tourism in Teok

Teok is one of the most interesting places to visit in India. Its unique culture, character and history all make the entire place a beautiful experience. Situated at a short distance from Sibsagar, Teok contains a lot of interesting places of attractions that attract the eyes of every keen traveler. Some of the most popular vacation packages to Teok include packages for 1-2 days. Some of the temples that can be visited are-
  • Auniati Satra
  • Kamalabari satra
  • Amreteswar temple
  • Banshi Gopal Deva Gormur
  • Sri Shyam Nirala Mandir

Shopping in Teok

Teok offers a bit of shopping too though there are not too many stores here. But you can scout the markets for local finds-

Borah Bazar
Address: Bhagamukh, Teok, Assam 785112

Maa Bibha Bhawan
Address: Bhagamukh, Teok, Assam 785112
Phone: 094350 94648

Baba Store
Address: Bhagamukh, Teok, Assam 785112

Happy Feet
Address: seleng road,backside of Teok SBI, Teok, Assam 785112
Phone: 081348 83986

Pinky Cloth Store
Address: Selenghat Road Near Bata, Teok, Assam
Phone: 098592 16289

Sagarika Furniture And Furnishing
Address: AT Rd, Jagduwar, Teok, Assam 785112
Phone: 080113 68064

Hospitals in Teok

Along with emergency hospitals that stay open, there are advanced medical facilities available in this town-

Sukanjan Hospital

Address: Sukanjan Village,P.O - Lakhibari,Via - Nakachari,Dist -Jorhat,Assam,Pin -786635, TBN Rd, Teok, Assam 785635

Medical Stores in Teok

Get access to medicines in case of emergency or health requirements. These stores are open late at night and some of them also have 24x 7 services.

State Medical Stores,Teok

Address: Teok, Bhagamukh, Teok, Assam 785112
Phone: 094354 78267

Assam Medical Stores
Address: Teok, Assam 785112

Police Station in Teok

There is a police station located in the town that covers the major areas-

Teok Police Station
Address: Kotikuchia Gaon, Assam 785112
Phone: 0376 239 6424

Fire services in Teok

In case of fire and similar incidents you can access these numbers and contact the fire department of Teok-

Teok Fire Station
Teok Town Baloma Road, Teok, Jorhat - 785112

Gormur Fire Station
Gormur, Garmursatra, Jorhat - 785104

How to reach Teok Deo

The overall distance between Teok and Jorhat is approximately 24 kms or 14.8 miles. The distance is in the form of a straight line and hence most of the travel time is actually a lot more because of the curvature of the road.

Jorhat To Teok Travel Time
If the travel speed is averaged out at 50 KMs/hour, the traveler can reach Teok in just 0.48 hours. The time to travel to Teok varies due to the speed of the train, bus, or is dependent on the vehicle that is used to travel.

Hotels in Teok Deo

With different ranges of hotels that offer a comfortable and yet hygienic stay at any of these hotels in Teok-

Hotel Juhal
Address: AT Rd, Bhagamukh, Teok, Assam 785112
Phone: 080116 80932

Borborah Hotel
Address: Teok, Bhagamukh, Teok, Assam 785112

Teok Tea Point
Address: Kotikuchia Gaon, Assam 785112
Phone: 090857 31371

Food Villa

Main Road, Teok, Jorhat - 785112

Restaurants in Teok Deo

Tourists should spend some time enjoying the local cuisine in Teok. Pork is one of the town’s signature dishes. Popular places to eat here include-

Desi Kitchen
Address: AT Rd, Jagduwar, Teok, Assam 785112

New Sunly Dhaba
Address: AT Rd, Badulipukhuri, Assam 785107

Borborah Hotel
Address: Teok, Bhagamukh, Teok, Assam 785112

Food Villa
Address: AT Rd, Jagduwar, Teok, Assam 785112
Phone: 090777 97296

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